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Jessica Grapes Marketing, Small Business Marketing


Jessica Grapes Marketing, Small Business Marketing

Jessica Grapes

Marketing Designed for Small Businesses

Grow Your Vision
Set Your Budget
Hands On, Individualized Plans
Effective & Sustainable Marketing Stratagizes

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Get to Know Me

Hi! I'm Jessica Grapes and I have over 15 years of experience in Small Business Marketing, and a lifetime of growing up in a small-town business. Small businesses are the backbone of our society. Too many are going unnoticed due to lack of proper promotion.  


It takes A LOT running a small business, I know firsthand, I personally run five businesses with my husband and my two children. With my passion of design and marketing, I wanted to create a business to help other small businesses THRIVE in the current economic climate.


I understand the ins and outs of Small Businesses, what they need, how they run, and what they can afford. Traditional Marketing companies charge upwards to $80 + an hour and supply generic and commercialized material. I will create a marketing plan for you, for your budget, and your needs. There are no contracts. Your business and time are valuable, I would love to help you take your passion to the next level! 


Find a few my carefully curated websites below. Design for each of these sites include: Design, Functionality, SEO, Meta Tag, HTML, CSS, and Email Automation.