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Book a Makeup Class!

Do you LOVE Seint Makeup? Do you tell all your Girl Friends about it? Do you love affordable natural makeup? Well why aren't you earning free makeup while doing that?! Getting FREE Seint Makeup couldn't be EASIER! Or let's be real, more FUN! Host a makeup class with me and earn up to $500 in FREE Seint Product and 4 Items 50% Off!


Makeup classes can be in person, on facebook, or on instagram. All you have to do is invite your friends, have a girls night, and learn about makeup techniques, play games, and win prizes! Be a hype girl and just do what you do best, rave about the makeup! I do the rest!

Makeup Classes are simple, fun, and easy. Classes are based off of education, self care, and makeup technique, NOT SALES! My goal is always to make this a fun and safe space for your girls to be them selves!

That being said, you do earn free makeup based off of the sales made during that class. A link is created specifically for your class. Any orders placed during that class check out through your Class Link. Here is the break down in your earnings! It's crazy how much you can earn just for having fun!

Book a Class with me!

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