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What is Sent?

SEINT (previously Maskcara Beauty) is more than a makeup it's magical. With beauty being such a huge part of our every day lives, wouldn't it be nice for it to be simplified, easy, and affordable? All while not giving up quality and getting exactly what we want without waist?! 100% Fully Customizable and in One Compact. It's not too good to be true! With me as your SEINT Artist, I'm here for you as your personal makeup artist. I'm here to help you set up your dream compact! Starting with step one, you prefect Color Match! SEINT has revolutionized the beauty industry with a 35% pigmented Cream Based IIID Foundation. 

Why Cream Makeup

Creams are for everyone and once you try it you will never go back! I can't even imaging using powder or liquid foundation, and I don't want to! Creams are the best to use on any skin type; young, old, dry, oily.  Creams act as a second layer of skin. It moves with the skin so you won't areas that are flaky or won’t cover.  It is perfect for mature skin as it moisturizes and provides ample coverage with very little product.

How Does Seint Work?

Take you large disorganized makeup bag or drawer and move it into ONE Magnetic Compact! You pick out magnetic tins and make your dream compact come to life! You only replace what you use and only buy what you want!

No more guessing which colors will work for your face. No more having a face that is a different color than your neck and chest! My job is to you tell you which colors will work best with your under tones. Through extensive Color Science and Color Matching training I can guarantee I can provide you with an expert Color Match! 

I do not recommend Color Matching yourself!

Because these tins are 35% pigmented they look much darker in the tin then they actually are.

After I Color Match you, I will send you an email with your Color Match Sheet and resources! I'm here to help you every step of the way! Your own Makeup Artist in your back pocket! You will also be added to my VIP Group where I do additional trainings, giveaways, and let you know 1st what is happing in the SEINTWorld!     

Why do I need a Color Match?

Click here for your Color Match!

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