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Are you SEINT (previously Maskcara Beauty) obsessed too? Cuz I sure am! So much so that I couldn't stop talking about it and decided that I wanted to take my passion and turn it into a business! As a mom of two and previous business owner, I didn't have the time to dedicate to a new full time business. And you know what?! That's what's amazing about the Artist Program, it can be exactly what you want it to be! You can be a walker, runner, or jogger in this business. You decide how much time your able to set away for your business and myself, and our team, are here to help and guide you ever step of the way to ensure your success! Check out this video below and ready about My Why of becoming a SEINT Artist :) 


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My Why


In June of 2019 I was pretty knee deep with a new baby and a 3 year old. With my first child I ended up having pretty debilitating Postpartum Anxiety. But, that's what can happen Mama, when you don't take care of yourself and tend to you needs. When we have that new baby nothing else matters, right?! You don't think, "Oh! Happy, Health Mama = Happy, Healthy Family" . So in June of 2019 I decided I was going to do something for ME! I didn't want to go through postpartum anxiety or depression again. I was going to do everything in my power to make sure I was also taking care of ME this time!

So I started looking for hair tutorials. Maybe actually fixing my hair might make me feel good about me new body post baby, lol. And I came across SEINT Beauty. I wasn't looking for a new makeup routine. I've always liked makeup, but I wasn't into makeup. But, the idea of everything being in one compact was extremely intriguing. Even more so, I always wanted to highlight and contour, but it just seemed so hard to achieve and so many steps to get there. SEINT just spelled it right out for me! I was in heaven! 

When I first got my kit, this was the first time I had ever used Cream. I struggled, man did I struggle! So much so, that I put it down for almost a month! I didn't reach out for help, till this day I'm kicking myself for that! Until finally I was like, there is something too this, I WANT THIS TO WORK! So I started watching tutorial videos, one week later, it CLICKED! I was ecstatic! I've never felt more beautiful in my entire life and I had just had my second child! That feel was intoxicating. I couldn't stop shouting it from the roof top. I became a mavin for SEINT Beauty, and before I knew it I was making sales and just giving them to someone else, haha!

One day in August, I was watching a tutorial and my now up-line said "Did you know you could become an Artist with SEINT Beauty and create your own business?". That same day (at different times during the day) my Mom, Husband, AND Best Friend all said to me, why don't you just become an SEINT Artist? I was like... who's spying on me?! How'd you get into my head?! I still think to this day, even as cheesy as it sounds, that the universe was calling me to this company.


 But, there was one thing holding me back, was terrified of taking selfies!! I had NEVER taken a single selfie before I became an artist! And I almost didn't become an artist because my insecurity was so intense that I couldn't even look at myself in a camera. I quickly realized I had to get over that and challenge myself to face my fears. After a year into this company and building a tribe of sisters, I've never been more proud of myself for taking that jump. For putting myself in situations that have made me feel uncomfortable due to self doubt and insecurities. 


I'm a different women now. I'm stronger, I love myself more, I feel beautiful, I feel confident. I'm a better mother, wife, and human. I want that for you and I'm here to help every step of the way! I'm just a message away. So just click that button, love! And welcome to Team Bloom United!


XO - Jess

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